Daniel Jones
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New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones makes it known that he’s “ready to embrace” his new gig as the team’s starter.

On Tuesday, the New York Giants officially made the switch at the quarterback position. After starting out 0-2, Big Blue has decided to go with rookie quarterback Daniel Jones instead of Eli Manning for their Week 3 matchup.

It’s an exciting time for the Duke product, but it’s also a time full of motivation, butterflies, and all sorts of nerves in the rookie’s system. Through it all, the 22-year-old is ready to lead this offense going forward.

“I’m ready to embrace it,” Jones said this week, per Scott Thompson of SNY. “I think focusing on what we’re doing here, focusing on what we’re doing in the building in the preparation with my teammates and coaches. To be here in the moment, this week is important with that. Certainly feel like I can embrace that and looking forward to the opportunity.”

Will it be an awkward time for Manning and his successor? For one, who knows how it really feels inside the locker room right now between the two quarterbacks. But, on the surface, it seems Manning is going to handle this with professionalism and grace.

To be honest, it’s tough to name a situation that Manning’s approached without that same attitude.

“Since I’ve gotten here, Eli’s been nothing but helpful and welcoming to me,” Jones said. “I think obviously now the roles are different and they’ll be some difference there. But largely our relationship and how we communicate will be the same. He’s done it for a long time at a really high level, so there’s certainly a ton I can learn from him still.”

The Giants will kick off against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers this Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET.

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