Dexter Lawrence
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Defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence is tired of losing and knows everyone on the New York Giants needs to step up.

It’s been a slow start for the New York Giants in 2019, to say the least. They’ve dropped their first two games, with losses coming against the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Their offense hasn’t been able to do much (15.5 points-per-game) and their defense looks horrendous, plain and simple.

Rookie defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence has only been in the NFL for two games now. But even to him, the losing has to stop at some point. Enough is enough.

“I mean I have lost before,” said Lawrence, per John Fennelly of Giants Wire. “It’s just not to keep letting it happen. It has to stop somewhere. It just takes everybody believing, the whole team in all three phases, special teams, offense and defense, believing that we can win and believing in each other. Getting a team morale and just going out there and playing football.”

The eventual conclusion of the losing streak will come when there is an improvement on the defensive side of the ball. The Giants are ranked No. 28 in total yards allowed-per-game with 441.0. They’re also tied for No. 30 in the league with an average of 31.5 points allowed-per-game.

This upcoming game will be a huge test for Big Blue. The defensive line and pass rush both need to step up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road. If the guys up front like Lawrence can put consistent pressure on Jameis Winston, the Giants may have a chance at securing their first win of 2019.

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