Eli Manning
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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning understands the team’s current situation after starting off the year at 0-2.

It’s already going downhill for the New York Giants in 2019. With the first two weeks of the regular season now in the books, the team is posting a record of 0-2, with bad losses to the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills.

And all of a sudden, the Daniel Jones talk has intensified. When will the Giants throw him in there to replace Eli Manning in the starting lineup? When will the move that many fans are waiting for finally be made? Through it all, Manning is keeping his composure and professionalism, as he always has.

“I gotta get ready to play a game, nothing changes,” Manning said in response to head coach Pat Shurmur not committing to starting him Week 3, per Danny Abriano of SNY. “Get ready for Tampa and figure out how to get a win.”

“We’re 0-2, you’re looking for answers,” Manning added. “I get it. When you draft a guy early and you’re not winning games, these (situations) are gonna come up.”

Manning has thrown 556 yards this year for two touchdowns, two interceptions, and a 62.9% completion rate. They’re not horrible numbers, but the ultimate goal is to win, something Eli hasn’t done much of since 2016.

Big Blue has the offensive line they want in place, the running back they want, the receivers they want when Sterling Shepard is healthy and Golden Tate is back from suspension, and the tight end they want. It’s only a matter of time until they include the new quarterback in the equation.

It may not be this Sunday, but it’s the NFL—things can change quickly. The Daniel Jones era is coming sooner or later.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.