Michael Thomas
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New York Giants safety and Pro Bowl special teams weapon Michael Thomas reacts to the sudden retirement of Andrew Luck.

If there’s anyone within the New York Giants organization that has a great connection with now-former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, it’s Michael Thomas. The two played together at Stanford University and went up against each other in high school. Thomas and Luck faced off against each other for the first time in the pros last year in a Week 16 game in Indianapolis.

With Luck suddenly retiring on Saturday night, Thomas had a few words to share on the matter. Colts fans booed the Pro Bowl quarterback as he walked off the field from their Saturday night preseason game. However, Thomas was one of the ones that showed his ever-loving support.

“Not shocked,” said Thomas regarding the retirement, per Michael Eisen of the Giants official website. “Not even that he’s been talking about it. If he’s making that decision, then it’s the best decision. One hundred percent, 100 percent, that’s my brother. I know exactly where he’s at mentally and for him to make that decision, I support it 100 percent.

“To everybody else, I could see how it could be a shock, to get to wake up to that it was a shock. But once I realized and I reached out to him, it makes sense. Big picture, it wasn’t a shock.”

Knocking the man’s retirement isn’t the correct route to go. Luck has dealt with numerous injuries and pain throughout his career. Along with a physical toll, it takes a mental toll on the victim of these injuries as well.

On another note, it’ll be really interesting to see where the Colts go from here. I’ve said I have confidence in Jacoby Brissett becoming a good quarterback. With this offensive line (ranked No. 1 in the NFL last year with only 18 sacks allowed) and weapons such as receiver T.Y. Hilton and tight end Eric Ebron, Brissett could have a decent year in 2019.

But, you never know if a trade for another quarterback will be made prior to the start of the regular season.

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