Daniel Jones, Bennie Fowler
(AP Photo/Michael Owens)

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones threw an incredible touchdown pass to Bennie Fowler during his first NFL drive.

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is seeing his first taste of NFL action against the New York Jets Thursday night. The sixth overall pick was panned by fans and critics alike due to his lack of production in college, but general manager Dave Gettleman felt that he could be the quarterback of the future.

While one game is a small sample size, Jones put forth an excellent first drive, connecting on all five of his passes. He threw for 67 yards, but the highlight was a beautiful touchdown pass to receiver Bennie Fowler.

Jones dropped a perfect pass into the hands of his receiver. If he got less air on it, the ball would have been intercepted by the cornerback dropping back from the flat. Any closer to the right sideline and the ball would have carried Fowler too far and his feet would have landed out of bounds.

If he threw the ball behind Fowler at all, it gets intercepted by the defensive back tailing him, and Fowler ran the route too sharply to get any deeper into the end zone to catch a pass.

There was only one place that he could have spotted that ball, and he put it right there. He also got the exact right touch on it to get it over the defender while dropping it into the receiver’s hand. It was a professional throw by a kid still getting his feet wet in the NFL.

Jones is currently a perfect 5-for-5 for 67 yards and that score.

One perfect pass doesn’t erase the legitimate concerns about his game, and he’ll still back up Eli Manning to start the season, but if Jones can make passes like that regularly, he’s going to make Gettleman look incredibly smart. His mother must be very pleased.

The Giants lead the Jets 7-6 as the two teams remain in the locker room during a severe weather delay. Play is expected to resume around 8:30 or 8:45 p.m. ET at MetLife Stadium.

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