Dexter Lawrence
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New York Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence has the back of quarterback and training camp roommate Daniel Jones.

The first two picks for the New York Giants in this year’s draft are more than just current teammates and training camp roommates. They were actually conference opponents in college.

Defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence and quarterback Daniel Jones both played in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Lawrence for the National Championship-winning Clemson Tigers and Jones for the Quick Lane Bowl runner-up-Duke Blue Devils. And during their collegiate years, Lawrence could see the immense talent in Jones’ style of play.

“I knew when I played him in college he was really good. In the first half, he was killing us on the field, up and down the field, but they just couldn’t score,” Lawrence said, per Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. “I knew his talent when they drafted him. I said, ‘okay, he deserves to be there.’ I respect that. That’s why I wanted to be his roommate, just to keep his mind straight and not think about stuff like that. I want to be that kind of guy to motivate him a bit more, and show him, since I don’t get into that stuff. I just do what I have to do and be where I have to be.”

Lawrence hasn’t had it real tough with the fans and critics thus far. Jones has though, and it most definitely hasn’t been easy for him.

Along with receiving the uncalled-for boo birds at Yankee Stadium in June, Jones also got a lower rating in Madden than an undrafted free agent quarterback. The latter most certainly doesn’t matter but the overall level of disregard for a quarterback who hasn’t played a game yet is what’s concerning.

Lawrence makes it a priority to keep Jones’ mind in the right place, mostly by not discussing anything that could be related to the received disrespect.

“We try to not talk about football too much,” Lawrence said. “Obviously when we aren’t here, that’s our time to debrief and talk about life and things like that.”

Fans will be able to see both Lawrence and Jones in an NFL game-like setting for the first time on Thursday. The Giants face off against the New York Jets in their first preseason game at 7:00 p.m. ET.

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