Landon Collins
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Landon Collins talks with reporters about taking out aggression on his former team and now-division rival, the New York Giants.

As of late, former New York Giants safety and current Washington Redskin Landon Collins has taken upon the notion to call out his old team numerous times. It’s gotten to the point where he won’t even say their name, just calling them the “other team” he’s played for. Collins even went as far as to threaten Giants general manager Dave Gettleman.

This past weekend, things didn’t get any different, as Collins spoke to reporters about the eventual matchup against Big Blue.

“For me, it’s going to be a lot of aggression,” Collins said, per Dan Benton of Giants Wire. “When I go to those types of games, I go to my college times. I was from Louisiana and I was playing LSU [as a member of Alabama]. So just being able to keep my composure as much as possible, keep my emotions in check and play within my defense.

“When you go against a team that you have some aggression against, you want to let some self-esteem out. You want to pick your times and pick your moments to do that. You got to be able to control it at the end of the day because it could hurt the team more than it could help. From that standpoint, I just got to keep the emotions under control.”

I understand Collins is petty about the Giants not franchise tagging him, but at this point, it’s getting pathetic. You’re on a new team, be grateful with where you currently are.

All-in-all, the fact that Collins is still discussing the past should be concerning to the Redskins at this point.

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