Quinnen Williams
Seth Wenig/AP Photo

New York Jets rookie Quinnen Williams gave a shoutout to Madden for getting his “fade right” in their in-game avatar of him.

New York Jets rookie Quinnen Williams is a big kid, who at 295 pounds, absolutely dominated the NCAA. Williams, a noted Madden fan, was very excited about playing the new version of the game that he was featured in. Of course, his phrasing left a little to be desired, but he laughed that off.

He then took to Twitter to shoutout the game franchise, telling them “y’all got my fade right.”

The rendering of Williams is detailed in his haircut, which is lined almost perfectly, the fact that you can see where his navel is located along his stomach (his jersey cuts in on it a little) and you can even see the veins in his forearm.

Which makes it even funnier that they apparently spent 35 seconds rendering his face. It’s blatantly lopsided and for some reason, his eyes are sunken into his skull like he’s just been possessed by Zuul (there is no Quinnen, only Zuul).

His nose is also flatter than anybody in the history of the world with the exception of maybe Lord Voldemort. It makes sense that they didn’t want to spend a ton of time on his face since it will be covered by a helmet during gameplay but they could have at least had him in a helmet on the menu screen too.

They get a D for his face but a solid A- for the fade. And Williams took notice of the fade.

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