Danny Kanell
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Former New York Giants quarterback Danny Kanell believes Daniel Jones will need to show a tough mentality going forward.

If there’s anyone who knows the roots of what true criticism is like, it’s those who’ve played quarterback in New York. Whether it’s for the New York Giants or Jets, the quarterback is the position where all eyes are on, and it’s even tougher in a Big Apple-type environment.

This week, former Giants quarterback and current SiriusXM host Danny Kanell spoke on Giants rookie Daniel Jones. Kanell ultimately discussed the unnecessary criticism towards Jones thus far, and how he’ll need to approach it going forward.

“Confidence is one of the most important things for a young quarterback to have and I have to imagine it’s really tough for Daniel Jones to stay positive through all the negativity,” Kanell said, per Justin Terranova of the New York Post. “He’s handling it on the outside really, really well. That’s a credit to him and his upbringing.

“But, man, I just wonder what’s going on inside his head because it has to be tough through all this. It’s not going to get any easier in this process. He’s really going to have to have some thick skin and prove everyone wrong.”

Jones has already experienced the boo birds, specifically in an appearance at Yankee Stadium. You can boo the veterans all you want, but this guy hasn’t played in a single game yet. If you’re going to knock the pick, knock those within the organization who made the pick, such as general manager Dave Gettleman and the front office.

It’s evident that Jones will definitely need some thick skin, but for right now, he’s just doing what he can to learn the position and eventually succeed Eli Manning. No need for the criticism just yet.

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