New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones has had to sing numerous songs in front of the team thus far.

The New York Giants are hoping that Daniel Jones can be the team’s quarterback of the future. They’re hoping he’s a much better passer than he is a singer.

Like any rookie, Jones has to go through light some off-the-field hazing. Even if he says that he hasn’t “been tortured” yet, he did confess that he had to sing for his teammates. It didn’t go so well, according to the rookie.

“I had to sing, I had to to make sure we had sunflower seeds in the quarterback room, and all that kind of stuff,” Jones told reporters. “But I haven’t been tortured yet.”

When asked about his singing, Jones admitted he’s not the greatest singer in the world. He also mentioned that he had to change his song after his teammates didn’t like his first choice.

“The first time I sang ‘Wagon Wheel.’ That didn’t go over great so I tried ‘Buy U A Drank’ by T-Pain and that got a little better response,” Jones said with a laugh.

It must be nice being a rookie in the NFL. You’re young, you’re healthy (hopefully), and looking to start a new chapter in your football career.

But then, you remember, veterans make a point to mess with the rookies. That being said, it doesn’t sound like Jones’ teammates are going too hard on him, yet.

Early in training camp, Jones has been working with the second-team unit as Eli Manning‘s backup.

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