Eli Manning
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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning responds to the comments made by Odell Beckham Jr. in a GQ article this week.

Eli Manning has clapped back. Well, I wouldn’t call it a “clap back” if we’re being honest. It doesn’t seem like Manning has ever really done that.

Earlier this week, Odell Beckham Jr., in an article with Mark Anthony Green of GQ, threw some shade at the New York Giants, his former team. In that article, Beckham claimed he was the only reason that the Giants had any primetime games in recent years.

When discussing the comments after the Giants’ first training camp practice on Thursday, Manning responded.

“I don’t think they bothered me,” Manning said on NFL Network, per Ryan Dunleavy of nj.com. “You just kind of shake your head and laugh. … I won a few games before he was here.”

This is true. Manning won two Super Bowls with Big Blue before Beckham even entered his sophomore season with LSU, so there’s no reason for OBJ to state he was the main reason the Giants were on primetime television.

I guess Beckham is forgetting the fact it’s a New York market, which is a big reason for primetime games. The team also made the postseason not too long ago when they went 11-5 in 2016, so that definitely creates some buzz in those regards

Beckham recently stated he was done talking about his old team, but who knows if that’s true.

The Giants had their first full-team training camp practice on Thursday. They’ll play the New York Jets in their first preseason game on Aug. 8.

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