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Legendary New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms believes Daniel Jones wouldn’t have been available at No. 17 overall.

The New York Giants originally had two picks in the first round (No. 6 and 17) before they traded back into the opening round to snag the No. 30 pick. As far as those two picks were concerned, many believed the Giants would go edge rusher at No. 6. The No. 17 pick could then be a quarterback for the future, possibly Daniel Jones.

However, the Giants went with Jones at No. 6, sparking much criticism. Many believed Jones would be available at that No. 17 selection. Legendary Giants quarterback Phil Simms was one of the ones who didn’t.

In an interview with Stat Sports, Simms expressed how he agrees with the Giants reaching for Jones that early in the draft.

“Just to dispel any myths — you’re probably the first person I’ll say this to,” Simms said. “Daniel Jones, ‘Oh, they should have taken him later.’ He was not going to be there. Everybody just trust me…I know for a fact he would not have been there on the 17th pick that the Giants had.

“It’s a quarterback. What are we going to argue ‘Oh, I had him slotted at No. 9.’ Who’s they? Oh, writers and [Twitter trolls]. Trust me, not one — multiple — teams were going to draft Daniel Jones before pick 17. I gave you a scoop. Nobody talks about it. I do, though.”

The Giants could’ve also possibly taken Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins with that  No. 6 pick. The NFC East rival-Washington Redskins eventually chose him at No. 15.

Simms believes Jones is better for the Giants organization, though, saying, “I think he’s a perfect fit for the Giants, the offense, the team, the culture here, everything about it. I think they knew what they were doing.”

Big Blue begins training camp this week. The rookies reported on Monday, with the veterans reporting on Wednesday. Jones is still the only rookie to not yet sign his contract with the Giants. He’s prohibited from hitting the practice field until he does so.

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