Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr.
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield claims Odell Beckham Jr. now playing for an organization where fans “actually care.”

When the New York Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. back in March to the Cleveland Browns, it was interesting to see how OBJ would handle it.

Would he be upset he was leaving New York for Cleveland? Upset he was going to an organization that’s historically been the laughing stock of the NFL? Or, would he be ecstatic over the fact he was playing with a young quarterback in Baker Mayfield and his best friend in wide receiver Jarvis Landry?

In April, Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports claimed that sources told him that Beckham was actually unhappy. Mayfield responded to this claim on Twitter, telling the host of “The Herd” to “Come to Cleveland and ask O if he actually likes it.” All-in-all, Mayfield isn’t a fan of the false information directed at his new teammate.

“He’s here to work, and he wants to be surrounded by people who love him and support him and allow him to be himself,” Mayfield told Mina Kimes of ESPN. “He’s here to play in front of fans who actually care, who will actually show up to every game and pack the stadium and love him for who he is.”

It’s kind of a wild take from Mayfield to say that Giants fans don’t care. Look at all the incidents Beckham was involved with where the fans still stuck by his side.

There was the net kicking incident for starters. Not to mention, the time when he said that football wasn’t fun anymore. There was the lawsuit involving a nightclub attack and the video with him near a powdered substance. The list goes on, and Giants fans still supported him and his long-term deal he received prior to 2018.

Therefore, to drop the take that Big Blue fans didn’t actually care is just false in numerous ways.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.