The mascot for the New Jersey Devils took one joke a little too far at a child’s birthday party and it ended with a bang.

Hockey is a contact sport. Playing with a parachute at a child’s birthday party is not. However, the New Jersey Devils mascot decided to combine the two and it ended with a bang.

This is an honest question: What in the world was the NJ Devil thinking? The kids don’t even appear to be looking at him run off towards the window.

The reverse angle doesn’t help the NJ Devil’s case all that much. It looks like one kid might be glancing over at him, but that’s about it. At best, this would have simply been a joke that fell flat.

On the bright side, the NJ Devil didn’t ruin the day. According to the birthday boy’s father, Lawrence Chiu, no one was hurt and everyone at the party had a great time.

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