Bradley Wright-Phillips, Tommy McNamara
ESNY Graphic, AP Photo

We ranked the five hardest things to believe concerning New York Red Bulls and New York City F.C. before the Hudson River Derby.

Onz Chery

The New York Red Bulls will welcome New York City F.C. at Red Bull Arena on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET for the 15th Hudson River Derby.

Ironically enough, the New York Red Bulls actually play in New Jersey and NYCFC’s home field is a baseball stadium: These are the two most senseless facts of the New York Derby.

You’re probably tired of New York fans throwing those two facts at each other on social media, or you’re one of those fans. Well, there are more illogical things that must be out in the open before the Hudson Derby. Here are five of them:

5. Only one New Yorker from each side scored in the derby

Since it’s the New York Derby you would think at least a couple of New Yorkers from each team scored in it, but just one player from each club netted in that fixture.

Former NYCFC midfielder Tommy McNamara found the net twice in the derby. As for the Red Bulls, their current midfielder Alex Muyl scored in the club’s famous 7-0 victory over their rivals.

Since RBNY plays in New Jersey, it makes sense to note how many players from that state owns a Hudson Derby goal, just one: former MLSer Matt Miazga.

Nine more New Yorkers could put themselves in the scoring list of the derby this weekend. The Red Bulls feature Kyle Duncan, Ryan Meara (he’s the backup keeper but anything is possible), Tim Parker, Sean Nealis, and Omir Fernandez while the Boys in Blue bring Daniel Bedoya, James Sands, Justin Haak, and Joe Scally.

4. Bradley Wright-Phillips netted more goals in the derby than NYCFC’s whole squad

Who’s been scoring in the Hudson Derby if it hasn’t been New Yorkers? It’s been a small striker from South London—Bradley Wright-Phillips.

The London native is the leading scorer of the Derby, finding the net 12 times, which is nine more times than the Bronx Blues’ entire roster.

Two current NYCFC players have a Hudson Derby goal to their names, Maximiliano Moralez, who tallied two and Ben Sweat, who scored one.

3. RBNY head coach Chris Armas once said his team claims The Bronx

The Metros’ head coach Chris Armas wasn’t afraid to say that his side claims The Bronx, where The Pigeons play at the Yankee Stadium.

He said it when he was asked how he feels about a Bronx native, Fernandez, joining the club in February.

“We have four [guys from The Bronx] now,” the 46-year-old said in an interview with the club. “We claim The Bronx so we add a little toughness.”

Perhaps he didn’t even have NYCFC in mind when he said that but imagine the look on the face of the Bronx Blues’ CEO Brad Sims when he heard Armas’ comments.

Armas himself is from The Bronx so the word fear isn’t in his vocabulary.

2. Red Bulls and NYCFC keepers have worn the same jersey before

Go on RBNY’s roster on their website and look at their keeper Luis Robles’ picture. Now go on The Pigeons’ roster and look at their keeper Sean Johnson. They’re wearing the same exact jersey.

Two keepers from two close-by rivals wearing the same jersey—the only difference is the club’s logo on the jersey. How ridiculous is that?

They didn’t just wear that jersey to pose for a roster picture, both of them have played in that jersey.

It is normal in the MLS for keepers to wear the same jersey but for two rivals to wear the same outfit that’s taking it to a whole another level.

They might as well just become one big New York team if they’re wearing the same thing.

1. People actually hop from red to blue or even go purple

When he was still an academy player, Fernandez once sat in the NYCFC’s supporters section during the Hudson Derby and had to refrain himself from being too excited when the Red Bulls were creating chances.

We can take that, that’s okay. Tickets were only 20 bucks and Fernandez wasn’t wearing a David Villa jersey. But one thing that The Bronx native said via Dylan Butler of that is totally unacceptable in any country:

“One of my friends is fully converted [to a Red Bull fan] now and one of them is half and half,” Fernandez said. “Whenever he comes to Red Bulls games he’s full-on Red Bulls, and when he goes to NYCFC games he still has that New York City FC side to him.”

What in the world?

Okay, we get it, your friend becomes a professional player, that’s huge, but that’s not a strong enough reason to go from supporting NYCFC to repping the Red Bulls. You don’t cross the Hudson River ever.

RBNY and NYCFC are two rival teams claiming the same state for crying out loud. You must eternally love one while simultaneously hating the other.

What’s even worse than switching sides is if you’re in the middle. You might be from New York but please don’t go and love every New York team out there.

It’s the Hudson Derby, it’s when New Yorkers’ dreams finally come true when they can take on each other. Red or blue, rep your color and may the best New York team win. New Yorkers shouldn’t be sitting on the fence. Pick a side.

Originally from Haiti, Ralph 'Onz' Chery started his writing career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He also wrote for First Touch, the Cosmopolitan Soccer League and other local leagues. After graduating, Onz started covering the New York Red Bulls for ESNY and joined Haitian Times.