Gregg Williams, C.J. Mosley
ESNY Graphic

Newly-acquired New York Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley praises the energy and culture that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams brings.

The New York Jets targeted Gregg Williams this offseason and snagged their man. One quality that’s unique about Williams is his energy. He brings a certain vibe and culture change to the building and another newly-acquired individual has taken notice.

C.J. Mosley took the time to speak with Eric Allen of the Jets official website about Williams and the change he’s bringing to the organization.

“Our first three days when the veterans got here for conditioning and all of that, all he talked about was culture,” Mosley said. “We didn’t talk about any plays or anything like that. It kind of set the standard about how he wanted the defense to work, how he wanted us to work and how he wanted us to be on the field.”

Williams has much experience as a defensive guru and has succeeded in this league. He’s very dynamic, but there’s one specific word that Mosley uses to describe his new defensive coordinator.

“Tenacity. That’s one of the first things you can think of, the way he carries himself in the classroom speaks volumes to the way he wants his guys to play on the field,” said Mosley. “You’ll hear him talking like this and the next moment he’ll bust out screaming. I think it’s just a culture change.”

The Jets seriously upgraded their defense ahead of the 2019 season. In January, they hired a new defensive coordinator in Gregg Williams. Later on, in March, they dished out a five-year, $85 million deal to Mosley.

Through 15 games for the Baltimore Ravens last year, Mosley racked up 105 combined tackles, 0.5 sacks, and one interception. He’s expected to come in and be a force for this Jets defense for years to come.

Opposing offenses will need to keep their eyes open for the man in the middle. These assets paired with safety Jamal Adams should produce an effective defense for Gang Green.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.