Jared Lorenzen
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The late former New York Giants quarterback Jared Lorenzen informed his gambling friends of a secret for Super Bowl 42.

Last week, former New York Giants quarterback Jared Lorenzen sadly passed away at the age of 38. Lorenzen was previously battling kidney and heart disease. Having played for the Giants from 2004-2007 after going undrafted out of the University of Kentucky, Lorenzen won Super Bowl 42 with Big Blue.

And according to his gambling buddies, Lorenzen had a secret for them on the day of that Giants victory against the New England Patriots in 2007.

“We did a special football podcast which was Jared telling stories of his days winning the Super Bowl with the Giants,” his friend Franklin told Chad Millman of The Action Network. “And I hate to tell on him here, but since he kinda said it himself, he might have gone over to have a look at the color of the Gatorade on the Patriots side and texted his friends what color to bet on that year.”

“Then, of course, the Giants go on to upset the Patriots and his friends lost the bet. He was spying on the color of the Gatorade for his gambling friends.”

What an all-time move from Lorenzen. He essentially was giving his friends pointers on what color Gatorade to bet on, and it most likely ended up losing them money. The Patriots were 11-point favorites in that Super Bowl, so there’s a good chance his buddies bet on New England to win that ball game.

Perhaps if Lorenzen’s friends were smart bettors they would have hedged their bets. They could have put a bunch of money on the color of the Pats’ Gatorade while sprinkling some money in case of a monumental upset.

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