Jonotthan Harrison
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New York Jets center Jonotthan Harrison wants to get to the next level as an NFL offensive lineman as 2019 approaches.

The New York Jets offensive line was ranked No. 25 in the NFL last year after Week 17, according to Pro Football Focus. It’s definitely an aspect of the team that needs to improve if they want to be a playoff team in 2019.

One of the main guys working towards a starting spot on the offensive line is center Jonotthan Harrison. Having started eight games last year, Harrison wants to be the every-game starter once the regular season begins.

“For now, my goal is to enter the season as the starter, take it one step at a time from there,” Harrison told Ethan Greenberg of the Jets official website. “I have my other personal goals, but that’s my large one right now. I’m going on Year 6. I’ve had my years starting and I’ve had my years where I didn’t start as much. My goal is to definitely enter this season as a starter and earn my credibility as a lineman.”

This will be Harrison’s third season as a member of the Jets, who could turn it around this year. They now have a new head coach in Adam Gase, a new running back in Le’Veon Bell, and an improving quarterback in Sam Darnold. As a center, Harrison has a unique relationship with the latter, and he looks to build upon that in 2019.

“He’ll trust me to take care of certain things that he doesn’t need to stress about,” said Harrison. “He’ll tell me, ‘You do this, you do this, you get the line on the right page.’ He trusts me with that and it’s a good sign. It shows the connection that we have and that chemistry can go a long way.”

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