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The New York Giants wide receiver group is determined to show that they can be successful without Odell Beckham Jr.

The New York Giants wide receiving room looks worse on paper after the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. There is still talent there, with a newly-extended Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate and Corey Coleman, but many expect the offense to struggle.

However, several members of the wide receiving room told Paul Schwartz of the New York Post that they feel confident in their ability to produce.

“Everybody’s stepping up,” Cody Latimer said. “Sterling’s more aggressive, he’s leading us. Everybody’s doing their part.” That’s a good sign for a Giants team that needs to replace a lot of production that was lost in the trade.

The team will be hoping that Shepard can take a big step. He’s been mostly used as a slot receiver, and while he could work inside a lot, he’ll probably see some time outside with the addition of Tate. To his credit, Shepard knows he needs to step up and replace Beckham Jr. on the field.

“Yeah, I think that’s just naturally what’s going to happen,” Shepard admitted. “He was such a big part of this offense. I guess I’m the next one up in line.’’

Beckham Jr. missed the final four games last season with an injury, after playing only four games the season before. The Giants are not in uncharted territory playing without him, something that Shepard noted and feels will help him.

“I feel like last season with Odell going out for those last games kind of prepared me for what I was going to get into. The season before that as well with him going down with an ankle injury. I feel like it prepared me for this moment.”

However, the Giants receivers know that Shepard won’t be the only player to step up. They know that there are a lot of targets available without Beckham Jr. and that they all need to step up. Cody Latimer is ready for the challenge.

“Anybody can get the ball. You’re open, you don’t get it, that means somebody else is getting it and you’re hoping they make a play,” Latimer said. “We got an unselfish room in there. We don’t really care or actually don’t talk about it at all, who’s getting the ball. It’s a group effort. The group can be dominant, period.’’

Giants fans are worried about what the team will look like without Beckham Jr. However, the Giants receiving core feels ready to step up and replace the superstar.

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