Odell Beckham Jr.
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Former New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. does a full 180 on his previous comments about how he felt “stuck” in New York.

Here we go again with the Odell Beckham Jr. drama. New York Giants fans thought they were done with this, but no, they’re not.

Earlier this week in an interview with Complex, Beckham talked about his time in New York and how he felt “stuck.” Beckham mentioned he felt he was being prevented from reaching his full potential. This essentially stirred the pot for Giants fans, as the comments didn’t please many of them.

However, Beckham is now switching his perception of the whole situation. He basically took a full 180-degree turn in a Twitter rant on Saturday.

“I’m thankful GOD gave me and opportunity to play my first years where he did,” Beckham wrote. “I’m thankful for every memory and experience I had there. The good and the bad. I’m thankful for every hater and supporter, for every fan. I will always have luv (sic) 4 that place. But we ALL have moved on.”

You could tell in a good amount of instances that Beckham was frustrated while a member of Big Blue. From outbursts on the sidelines to things he mentioned in interviews and press conferences, Beckham wasn’t all too giddy about being a Giant.

However, Beckham is now a member of the Cleveland Browns, playing alongside his best friend in Jarvis Landry and catching passes from a young, talented quarterback in Baker Mayfield. Beckham took upon the notion to speak about his new opportunity on Twitter as well.

“I’m thankful for God and another chance to do what I love, with new memories and experiences to be made,” Beckham tweeted. “I’m excited for this opportunity. I’m thankful for life and every blessing God has bestowed upon me.”

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