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Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber isn’t all that happy with New Yorkers booing rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. 

This past week, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones didn’t experience a kind welcoming at Yankee Stadium. In between innings, Jones was shown on the jumbotron at the stadium. Instead of cheers, Jones heard a lot of boos, which is weird in itself because the man hasn’t even played a game yet.

I could understand if you don’t like the draft pick by the Giants (No. 6 overall), but it’s not his fault he got picked. If you’re not a fan of the selection and you’re going to blame anyone, blame Dave Gettleman. He’s the one who took a reach in that first round.

Jones has received support from the Giants community, and the latest is former running back Tiki Barber. TMZ Sports caught up with him this week and asked him about the fans booing him at the ballpark. Barber took the notion to say how Jones doesn’t deserve it at all.

“Of course it’s not [deserved] — he hasn’t played a game,” Barber said. “But that’s his indoctrination into New York fandom. He’ll be okay.”

If the Giants win some games and Eli Manning stays healthy, don’t expect to see Jones much during his rookie season. The plan is to start Manning this year and prepare Jones as much as possible for the future.

And when the time comes for Jones to get the nod to start, Barber believes the young quarterback will deliver.

“I think he will be [a star here],” Barber said. “He’s got the smarts, he’s got the physical ability, he’s an athlete, and I think he’s surrounded by some good talent.”

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