Rodions Kurucs
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Brooklyn Nets power forward Rodions Kurucs ignoring the fact he may be replaced via free agency this offseason. 

It’s always a weird situation for any professional athlete when the possibility of being replaced becomes a factor. They receive some added pressure, and it starts to become a unique position in certain ways.

That’s exactly what Brooklyn Nets forward Rodions Kurucs is going through this offseason. With all the talk about signing Kevin Durant or even Kristaps Porzingis, Kurucs knows the Nets are pursuing other options at his position.

But despite the added pressure lingering over him, Kurucs is acting professionally about it and just focusing on what he can control.

“My focus this summer is just working on my game, my all-around game, my handle, my shot, defense, rebounding, physicality for sure,” Kurucs told Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “Everything, basically, because I will need them next season.”

Despite the possibility of free agent signings at his position, Kurucs seems to enjoy how the Nets could boost the talent of the overall roster in the coming weeks. Brooklyn is looking at those two names at forward along with the possibility of superstar point guard Kyrie Irving.

“We have space for two max deals, right? So, they will definitely add some star, and for sure will make the team bigger and better,” Kurucs mentioned.

In his first year in the NBA, Kurucs started 46 games for the Nets, averaging 20.5 minutes per game. As a power forward, Brooklyn and their fans wished he could’ve been more productive, as he only averaged 8.5 points and 3.9 rebounds.

The Nets could produce a championship caliber-type roster for the years to come. With the possible acquisitions of Irving and Durant, they could go from a borderline playoff team to a possible contender for the NBA Finals.

The acquisition of either Durant or Porzingis at the forward position would see either player coming off of an injury. Therefore, there’s some speculation if it’s worth it to spend big money in those regards.

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