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New York Giants legend Justin Tuck believes in Dave Gettleman and his plan to help rebuild the organization for the future. 

So far this offseason, New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has made some questionable moves. From trading star receiver Odell Beckham Jr., to signing a 34-year-old safety in Antoine Bethea, to selecting Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall, his decisions have made headlines.

It’s safe to say, Giants fans aren’t too happy with Gettleman as of late.

As a matter of fact, fans booed Gettleman at the “Giants Town Hall” event at the Beacon Theatre on Tuesday night.

But if there’s one person that believes in Gettleman and his rebuilding plan, it’s Giants legend, Justin Tuck.

The retired defensive lineman spoke Monday at the Newark Mentoring Movement’s fundraiser at Bayonne Golf Club. He expressed his confidence for the Big Blue general manager.

“I know Gettleman well,” Tuck said, per Ryan Dunleavy of nj.com. “I know how he likes to build teams — or at least what his thoughts around that are. He is putting his stamp on it. Regardless of if you like it or not, this is where it is.”

The selection of Jones is where some fans really started to become ticked off. Many believed they could’ve drafted an edge rusher at No. 6 and could’ve taken Jones at No. 17 overall. The Giants desperately needed an edge rusher due to the fact that they only totaled 30 sacks in 2018.

Tuck, however, supported the Jones pick and gave his insight as to why they chose the Duke quarterback.

“I think if you listen to Gettleman and everyone talk about why they drafted [Jones], it boils down to what we’ve had success with for the last 15 years,” Tuck said. “There is a guy there [Manning] that this kid reminds them of. If I’m in the same boat, I think I’m OK with it if he turns out like another Eli Manning.”

Tuck was teammates with Manning from 2005-2013, where he won two Super Bowls with the longtime Giants quarterback.

The former Giant also spoke highly of rookie defensive back Julian Love this week. Big Blue selected Love in the fourth round of the NFL Draft out of Tuck’s alma mater, Notre Dame.

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