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Known as quite the prankster, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning discussed one of his all-time gags Tuesday night. 

On Tuesday, the New York Giants and season ticket holders got together at the “Giants Town Hall” event at the Beacon Theatre. While talking to fans, Eli Manning shared one of the all-time gags he played on a teammate.

Manning, despite his quiet and reserved demeanor, has been known as quite the prankster within the Giants organization.

Manning mentioned his favorite prank was on former Giants quarterback Andre Woodson. The then-rookie was selected in the sixth round of the 2008 NFL Draft out of Kentucky. Woodson only spent time with the Giants for one season, in which he bounced on and off the practice squad.

However, Woodson showed up late to a voluntary OTA, having missed the quarterbacks meeting in the process. Manning then described how he said he was going to the bathroom, but instead went to clean out Woodson’s locker.

Manning then grabbed a piece of Giants stationary and proceeded to write “come meet me in my office, bring your playbook – TC.” on it. “TC” stood for Tom Coughlin, the Giants head coach at the time.

Woodson then asked Manning what he should do. Manning advised that Woodson should do what it says on the paper, go upstairs to Coughlin’s office and apologize. However, on the way upstairs, Manning grabbed Woodson and explained it was only a joke.

“I felt bad for a little bit,” Manning said.

Manning has pranked other teammates in the past, such as painting linemen’s shoes purple and pantsing former Giants quarterback Davis Webb.

Many are surprised to hear that Eli is quite the prankster that he is, being that he seems very quiet and reserved when talking to the media. However, believe it or not, Manning can crack a joke or two here and there.

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