Landon Collins
(Julio Cortez/AP Photo)

On Saturday night at this third annual softball charity event, former New York Giants safety Landon Collins said he’s looking forward to tackling Saquon Barkley.

The Landon Collins third annual softball charity event held on Saturday at Palisades Credit Union Park was a bittersweet event.

First, the good part: the event helped raise $30,000. The bittersweet part: this will be the last time Collins participates in the event he created since he’s now a Washington Redskin.

During the event, Collins took out time to sign autographs for fans that have cheered him on during his four-year career with Big Blue. Collins also spoke with the media and one of the first topics discussed surrounded the actual decision made by Dave Gettleman. Was it the right decision to let Collins walk?

“We’ll see this upcoming year, that’s all I can say,” Collins replied. “I think it’s going to be special.”

Collins was also asked if he’s ready to tackle Saquon Barkley, who he couldn’t tackle last season during practice.

“I’ve been ready to tackle Saquon. That’s my guy though and all love to him and he’s been doing his thing as we all know but I get to meet him in the hole this time.”

The Giants will host the Redskins on Sept. 29 in Week 4 and then travel to Washington on Dec. 22 in their Week 16 road-season finale.

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