Eli Manning
(AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning made a change to his conditioning routine this offseason, and his No. 1 receiver has noticed.

Entering his 16th season, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is no stranger to offseason preparation. He knows his own routine and is aware of what he needs to do each offseason to prepare.

But Eli has apparently made a change this offseason. He’s upping what he’s doing in his conditioning routine after practices, and his No. 1 receiver, Sterling Shepard, has noticed.

“Yeah, he’s the same guy, but I think he’s just upped it a little bit more,” Shepard said, per Ryan Dunleavy of nj.com.

“I saw him after every single throwing session, he was doing a conditioning session without us. I’ve always seen him do conditioning, but afterwards he was getting after it. That was a little different from what I saw previous years.”

As people know, Manning isn’t getting any younger. He’s reached the ripe age of 38, and when you go through a physical job for as long as he has, it takes a toll on the body. Manning says the extra conditioning is just a matter of “maintaining” his body for the season.

“Some years you have things that are nagging you,” Manning said. “I think I’ve tried to attack those things that have nagged me in the past and have a plan that prevents those things from coming back. I feel good right now, and it’s a matter of making sure you keep that way.”

Shepard inked a four-year, $41 million contract extension this offseason, which makes it clear the Giants want him in their rebuilding process for the future. The Giants hope he can step in as Manning’s No. 1 target and replace Odell Beckham Jr.

Shepard and Manning have been working together since the 2016 season so they already have established chemistry.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.