Archie Manning
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Archie Manning, the father of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, approves of the Daniel Jones draft selection. 

Frank Curto

Many onlookers believe that it could be awkward right now for New York Giants quarterbacks Eli Manning and Daniel Jones.

Manning has obviously been the guy for 15 years and this is the first time in his career when the true and “without a doubt” successor is on the roster. It’s a new era in Eli’s career, but he’ll, of course, handle it with grace and class.

Eli isn’t the only member of his family handling the situation that way.

TMZ Sports caught up with Archie Manning, father to Eli and former NFL quarterback. When asked about the Giants drafting Jones at No. 6 overall, Archie approved of Big Blue’s big pick.

“They drafted a really good, young man,” Archie said. “A really good, young player.”

One of the general opinions going into the draft was that the Giants should take an edge rusher with their No. 6 pick. If Jones was really their guy at quarterback, there’s a good chance he could’ve been available at No. 17.

But you never know.

Jones could’ve been taken by the Washington Redskins at No. 15. So since the Giants reached for the Duke quarterback that early on, they must’ve seen something in him that they love.

Regardless, Archie knew at some point the successor to his son would be selected.

“I knew they were probably going to draft a QB,” Archie said.

Seemingly, Jones won’t play much in his rookie season. The Giants seem to favor Manning as the starter for this year while Jones sits on the bench and learns the position. But again, it’s the NFL, so you never know.

Manning could end up performing below-average early on in the year, and all of a sudden Jones gets called on to start. If Manning does perform well, though, fans may not be able to see Jones play until year two.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.