Le'Veon Bell
(AP Photo/Michael Wyke, FIle)

Le’Veon Bell has yet to play a snap in a New York Jets uniform and there’s already controversy. Well, at least Adam Gase has it under control.

Allison Case

We thought all the drama was resting with the New York Giants this year. No, instead it has settled in with the New York Jets.

The newly acquired Le’Veon Bell has yet to attend a voluntary workout for the Jets this offseason. While the term “voluntary” is pretty self-explanatory, when a new guy comes in and starts missing these workouts, it’s a concern.

Apparently, however, head coach and acting GM Adam Gase has things completely under control.

A source told the New York Post that Gase and Bell have been in “constant contact” since the Jets began their offseason program. Even though Bell has yet to attend, it seems the coach is working on strengthening his relationship with his starting running back.

The Bell saga also involves plenty of drama regarding potential trades as rumors are flying left and right over the running back. His response?

Essentially a lot of the drama came from the relationship between Gase and Bell because reports surfaced that Bell was not someone that Gase wanted on his team. But these guys are professionals. They can let those rumors slide. Right?

We’ll have to see how things go when Gase and Bell are together in person. Right now, thought it seems like they are settling things just fine and there probably isn’t any bad blood between them.

But I guess the real question is, what are they in contact about? What can they constantly be discussing? “Game of Thrones”? The red-hot New York Yankees? Comparing their hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Who knows. But the point is that they’re communicating and maybe the media just wants everyone to believe there are problems there when, in reality, nothing is wrong.

Problem solved! Now to see what New York drama surfaces next.

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