Dave Gettleman
AP Photo/Michael Conroy

ESPN NFL writer Dan Graziano believes the New York Giants are going downhill thus far in this year’s offseason.

There have been numerous differing opinions over the moves the New York Giants have made this offseason. From the trades of Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns to the non-franchise tag signing of Landon Collins, some moves have been a tad bit questionable. Then they went and drafted quarterback Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall, which many didn’t like.

However, there are some people that like what the Giants and general manager Dave Gettleman have done leading into the 2019 season. They believe they’re handling this rebuilding period correctly. ESPN NFL writer Dan Graziano is not one of those people.

On Wednesday, Graziano aired his opinions over the Giants and what they’ve done thus far to improve as an organization. They’ve missed the playoffs six of the last seven seasons. Graziano believes they won’t be seeing the postseason again any time soon with the moves they’ve made.

“They’ve made themselves an easy target, but it’s all justified,” Graziano writes. “You can’t tell me they’re better for trading Odell Beckham Jr., for letting Landon Collins leave and sign with a division rival instead of holding him in place with an affordable $11.15 million franchise tag, for trading pass-rusher Olivier Vernon then passing up on outside linebacker Josh Allen at pick No. 6 so they could take a quarterback who had a 59.9 completion percentage in the ACC. When your team has missed the playoffs six of the past seven seasons, what you want to know is that it at least has a plan and a vision for how to pull out of the malaise. There’s little evidence that the Giants have that.”

The thing is though, along with the questionable moves, the Giants have made a few statements.

They want wide receiver Sterling Shepard part of their future, which is why they signed him to a four-year extension. They want to rebuild the secondary, being that cornerback Janoris Jenkins will be the only returning defensive back from 2018.

Big Blue is also making it known the offensive line is an issue, which explains why they traded for now-former Browns guard Kevin Zeitler.

Regardless of them parting ways with Beckham, Vernon, and Collins, the Giants could be heading in the right path. It’s just not the same “right path” that many fans were hoping for.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.