Mike Francesa of WFAN fires back at morning show hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti after criticism of his New York Giants comments.

The drama that comes with WFAN Sports Radio has always been something that’s intriguing. Between Mike Francesa’s no holds barred persona and the Craig Carton sentencing, WFAN is like a drama-filled campus.

On Monday and Tuesday, the drama continued.

On Monday, Francesa shared thoughts on the New York Giants selecting Washburn University cornerback Corey Ballentine. Ballentine was involved in a shooting the night that he was drafted that wounded him and killed his teammate Dwane Simmons.

Francesa essentially questioned the optics regarding the tragic shooting.

“Listen, you can have an off-field incident with any draft pick any time,” Francesa said on his show on Monday. “But when you finish your draft and stress how you went out of your way to take the right kind of guys, guys that you want on the team, guys that are going to be great character guys and you stress that as strongly as the Giants did, it looks pretty bad when one of them gets shot on a Saturday night. It does not look good. It’s just more of the same for the Giants, who just can’t get out of their own way, no matter what they say.”

Francesa continued to say that “It’s sad to see the Giants become a laughingstock around the league.”

Then on Tuesday, WFAN hosts Boomer Esiason and Greg Giannotti criticized Francesa over the comments made.

“Those comments look idiotic now,” Esiason said. “It’s a horrendous story, and they just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“His buddy got killed. His roommate got killed. How do you take that and put that at the Giants’ feet is beyond me.”

Francesa took upon the criticism to call into “Boomer and Gio” and respond to their comments.

“You didn’t say that I opened up my comment with ‘this could happen to any player on any team in any organization in any sport or anywhere in life and if it turns out that he was in the wrong place or doing something wrong, the Giants will look embarrassed because they made such an issue of character,'” Francesa said. “I said ‘if.’ I said we have no facts, I’ve been trying to get facts, we don’t have any facts. That’s how I opened it up. How about you guys mentioning that before killing me for what I said?”‘

Fans and writers don’t know all the facts about the situation regarding Ballentine. However, it seems the WFAN hosts have different sides regarding this situation.

Either way, it’s not great to see Francesa go after the Giants optics because of a tragic occurrence such as this. The comment shouldn’t have been made and people didn’t want to hear it in that way. But, then again, that’s radio. You sometimes will hear things you don’t want to hear. That’s what brings about discussion.

Esiason also criticized Francesa for turning on the Giants as of late due to Giants general manager Dave Gettleman lying to him about their draft plans. Francesa later refuted this claim, saying him and the head of the Big Blue front office don’t have a relationship.

“I didn’t agree with them having two quarterbacks on the roster,” he said, referring to Gettleman’s decision to draft Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick. “I think they should’ve cut one if they were going to bring in a guy that they believe in as a franchise quarterback. They should’ve gotten rid of Eli (Manning).”

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.