Arya Stark
ESNY Graphic, HBO

The New York Jets just acquired one of the biggest additions of the 2019 offseason, Winterfell’s own Arya Stark. Here’s how that’ll make a difference in the chase for the Lombardi trophy. 

The New York Jets just completed the 2019 NFL Draft and still have several openings left on their 90-man roster heading into the rookie minicamp.

Well, cross one name off the Jets free agency wishlist with the team acquiring Arya Stark of Winterfell. The organization announced the move on Twitter shortly after her buzzer-beating heroics on Sunday night.

When looking at NFL Insider Gil Brandt’s top options available at every position on post-NFL Draft, it was shocking not to see Arya Stark make the cut. Although, this isn’t the first time she has been doubted.

Arya barely cracked the top eight in the latest odds to rule Westeros (per Odds Shark), despite the fact (SPOILER ALERT!) that she took out the Night King at the end of Episode 3, Season 8.

It was arguably the best gem of the 2019 free agency class (post-NFL Draft). Arya is incredibly versatile.

  • She’s able to stab things with the pointy end.
  • A girl has no contract, so she’ll be affordable long-term.
  • While her greatest strength is her ability to adapt to any situation. She had great coaching at her previous stop in Braavos, Jaqen H’ghar deserves a ton of credit.
  • But it should be noted that she comes from strong bloodlines so a lot of that ability is hereditary thanks to Ned and Catelyn Stark. Admittedly, though, her father has proven to be temperamental and can lose his head at any time. It should be noted he is balanced out by his wife who is super cutthroat when she needs to be.
    • To be honest, the majority of the family has played in the pros: Jon Stark can be a bit of a bastard but he’s hit and miss. Robb Stark was talented (before his untimely passing at his wedding). And Bran Stark seemed like he was climbing up draft boards but was involved in a tragic scaffolding accident that left him paralyzed.
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