Domenec Torrent

After beating United D.C. for that long-awaited first victory of the season, NYCFC’s Domenec Torrent is ready to roll. 

New York City FC does not want to stop. After getting the long-awaited first win of the season against D.C. United, the imperative in blue is to continue down this path. Snagging three more points against the Chicago Fire remains essential.

Now that the Torrent team has finally unlocked itself in terms of results, the club has no designs on stopping. It is the same coach from New York who affirmed it on the eve of the Yankee Stadium game.

“Now we must continue on this road, that is, continue to play well, to perform well and to win,” Torrent said.

Torrent wants to keep winning

Torrent has clear ideas about what the team’s goals are and how his players are performing.

“In the last month, we have always trained hard. Unfortunately we had good performances but we could not win. Just think of the game against Minnesota. Unlocked, now we have more confidence. We always train hard but now we do it with a smile.”

Torrent is very determined. He also understands he can count on certain players like James Sands.

“He is a very important player for us. Sands can play multiple roles, he is a very flexible player. Despite being young, he proves to be a player and a mature guy. He is very important to us. Sands and Scally are the future of this club.”

There is a different atmosphere in New York City FC even though Torrent admits he has felt the pressure of missing victories.

“Pressure is a part of soccer. There is (pressure) in all the championships, even in Europe. Against DC United, when Maxi missed the penalty, I thought we wouldn’t win that game in the end. Fortunately, it went well. We have felt the pressure; the coaches are linked to the results.”

The D.C. United victory has spurred a new NYCFC attitude. In the end, however, Torrent understands it’ll take results.

“We managed to win the first game. We have more confidence and now, we have to continue like this and win immediately against Chicago and then against Orlando to continue to climb the rankings.”