Carmelo Anthony workout videos always receive attention. This time Melo is channeling his inner hipster, wearing a beanie.

Geoffrey Campbell

The NBA playoffs are in full swing. The New York Knicks are getting ready for the draft and Carmelo Anthony does not have a team. Yet you can’t fault the 17-year vet for trying to advertise himself.

Via the Twitter feed of Complex Sports and NBA workout guru Chris Brickley, Melo shows you he still has game, wearing a beanie.

The caption is perfect. I imagine the next video will have Melo draining non-contested jumpers in Birkenstocks and skinny jeans. But at some point, you gotta feel bad for the guy.

Watching Damian Lillard single-handedly end the Oklahoma City Thunder or James Harden torch defenders from the couch can’t be easy.

If you listen to the analysts, the consensus on Melo’s future isn’t promising. According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, Anthony may have played his last game in an NBA jersey.

“The problem is that we’re approaching two full months since Anthony, 34, was exiled by the Houston Rockets after just 10 games together. With scant evidence of interest in the former All-Star scoring machine, Melo fans have to be prepared for the growing possibility that he might really have no way back.”

Earlier in the year reports surfaced that Anthony and the Los Angeles Lakers had discussions. However, post-LeBron James‘ injury and the absence of their playoff chances, those talks cooled off. Via Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Consider Melo’s position. The man still has talent, but he’s a volume shooter and inefficient scorer. That combination has suddenly caused a lot of pause around the NBA. Add in the fact that, despite coming off the bench at times this season, Melo still sees himself as a starter and someone who can drop 20 in his sleep. However, in his defense, Melo has received criticism that is not entirely fair.

Watch these playoffs closely. The Thunder, after losing in five games played a superior team in the Portland Trailblazers and a player in Damian Lillard who is as hot as anyone right now. But last season, Melo was cast as the problem in OKC. Yet fast-forward and the Thunder only won one more game during a regular season that ended with the same result, bounced in the first round.

Anthony can still have an impact on a team. It will take an established team with a strong coaching staff and culture to bring in and integrate the 10-time All-Star.

Few teams may be able to make that work, but squads like the San Antonio Spurs and the recently victorious Trail Blazers may be able to give Melo his last shot at winning in the NBA and restoring his reputation.

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