Odell Beckham Jr.
(Adam Hunger / AP Photo)

Odell Beckham Jr. appears to take one last swipe at the New York Giants, claiming that he’s finally off his “leash.”

The Odell Beckham Jr. trade is still sending shockwaves through the NFL. The superstar wide receiver took to Instagram to post a hype video for his 12.9 million followers.

But his caption on the video appears to be a veiled shot at the New York Giants.

“Finally get to be off my leash,” Beckham writes. That is an interesting caption, to say the least. It’s hard to see that as anything other than a shot at his old team.

Perhaps he was only using it as a reference to joining the Browns, who are famous for their Dawg Pound bleacher section. But that seems pretty hard to believe.

Although talented, this type of drama seemed to follow Beckham around for much of his time in New York. Whether he was beating up kicking nets or saying strange things during bizarre interviews, Beckham always had a knack for making the back page of the papers.

The drama was undoubtedly a main reason for the trade. It’s tough trading away Beckham’s talent, but it’s clearly something general manager Dave Gettleman thought was necessary.

For what it’s worth, Beckham isn’t wrong about being unleashed. He’s joining one of the brightest young quarterbacks in football—Baker Mayfield. Although Eli Manning is an all-time Giants legend, he’s clearly not the same player he once was.

In Cleveland, Beckham and Mayfield could forge a historic quarterback-receiver combo. Not to mention, Beckham’s LSU teammate Jarvis Landry will take pressure away from OBJ. Cleveland’s offense looks poised to be one of the most exciting groups in the NFL.

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