Larry Fitzgerald
(Rick Scuteri / AP Photo)

Future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald cites “distractions” as Odell Beckham Jr.’s problem with the New York Giants.

While many New York Giants fans were saddened to see the recent trade of star receiver Odell Beckham Jr., some found it relieving. Most fans happy to see him go were in an older demographic.

To many, Beckham was a distraction on and off the field. Angered and anxious groups of fans just wanted him to stick to football. Of course, he had the uncanny celebrations, the “powdered substance” incident, as well as that whole incident with Josh Norman.

However, there’s one fellow receiver coming to Beckham’s side. Future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals believes the distractions OBJ received established the main problem.

Fitzgerald spoke at the NFL Annual Meetings this past weekend, as he touched upon the Beckham trade. Fitzgerald, being the class act he’s always been, showed support for the young star receiver.

“I don’t think I saw it coming,’’ Fitzgerald said Monday, per Mary Kay Cabot of “You heard the rumors swirling, but a player that’s that talented, I mean, he’s one of the best the game has seen what he’s done thus far in his career, and to think about him not wearing a Giants uniform is different.

“But I think it can be great for him, getting to a smaller city where there’s just not as many distractions, he can focus on ball and really let his talents do the speaking for him. He’s with that group with [Jarvis] Landry, again they went to college together, so that could be a great, great combination with a rising quarterback (in Baker Mayfield) as well.”

Many fans of Big Blue just didn’t appreciate what Beckham had brought to that offense since 2014. He was quarterback Eli Manning‘s No. 1 target; essentially the go-to-guy in every situation (of course until Saquon Barkley showed up).

But now Beckham will be able to test his talents with a younger, not nearly as experienced quarterback in Mayfield. Not having the distracting environment that he experienced in New York may turn out to be a benefit also.



Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.