Dwayne Haskins
Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports

After initial reports circulated about the New York Giants not getting in contact with QB Dwayne Haskins, a complete 180 has unfolded.

The New York Giants seem to have switched their stance and are finally giving Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins that long-desired look.

On the eve of Ohio State’s Pro Day, the Giants shelled out the who’s who of their higher echelon to have dinner with the potential draft selection.

As reported by Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, there were all the right people at the table with Haskins.

“Head coach Pat Shurmur and his offensive coordinator, Mike Shula, were in attendance, as were Chris Mara, senior vice president of player personnel, Kevin Abrams, vice president of football operations and assistant general manager, and Chris Pettit, director of college scouting.”

With the complete turnaround, that sixth overall selection in the NFL Draft has now become a little more clear. It makes sense to use it on Haskins. He could very well be Eli Manning’s successor after (or during) this upcoming season.

Haskins, a former New Jersey native, would be a reputable choice at No. 6. It will all come down to what the Giants see out of the Pro Day in Columbus, Ohio.

As the Giants are narrowly closing in on their potential target at No. 6, eyes are now on No. 17 from Cleveland. They gave up arguably their best player for that selection in Odell Beckham Jr., so the importance of it is very high. Big Blue could use it for offensive or defensive line help, or even trade down for a veteran player.

The NFL Draft is still just a month away and a lot can happen, but after the recent events over the past 24 hours, it would seem that the Buckeye quarterback’s chances at No. 6 are the highest it’s ever been.