Oregon Football
(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The highly-anticipated New York Jets new completely redesigned uniforms bring Oregon football to the mind.

Robby Sabo

The overwhelming nerve circulating New York Jets fandom is something tough to explain.

Forget production on the field. Forget Dan Marino circa 1983. Forget Mo Lewis’s filthy hit on Drew Bledsoe that directly commenced the two-decade-long nightmare that is Bill Belichick-Tom Brady.

The nervousness surrounding the Jets uniforms—set to be unveiled in a couple of weeks—is something that cannot be overstated.

Reports have circulated over the last several months. Only a handful of individuals can sort through fact and fiction. On Saturday, a new report has surfaced suggesting Oregon football is on the brain.

According to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, New York’s uniform change is a complete brand overhaul. The logo is changed as is the uniform with a complete redesign.

“From talking to a couple of people who have seen them, I can say this is a complete redesign, not a tweak. The colors are new. The logo is new. The design is new. The primary jersey is kelly green, with numbers that “kinda look like Oregon’s.” There’s also a primarily-black alternate jersey. “They’re sick,” one person told me.”

The numbers resemble Oregon’s. After looking at the featured image up top, it’s obvious what that means. The numbers will be large and extremely foreign to what Jets fans used to know.

It makes sense. Oregon is directly tied at the hip with Nike. The Jets also turned to Nike concerning this specific overhaul. Anything other than a modern look is a complete non-starter in this situation.

Back in September, according to individuals within the Jets organization, ESNY learned the jerseys and helmets will be green with a brand new logo. It’ll resemble a kelly green the Jets sported in the 1980s yet not that specific shade. Everything that’s come out since then has backed that thinking.

Since the New York Titans took on the Jets name, the franchise has drastically changed uniforms just twice (once by going to the green helmet with the Jets logo in the 1980s) and then again in 1998 by going back to the old-school look (under Bill Parcells’s direction). There have been other adjustments through the years such as black facemasks, etc., but major changes haven’t drowned out the organization’s history.

Of course, it feels like Oregon comes equipped with over 10 different jerseys. That’ll undoubtedly not be the Jets future (as per NFL rules). Nevertheless, something very different is on the horizon.

The New York Jets will officially unveil the new look on April 4. Allow the crazed nervousness to rage on.

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