Domenec Torrent
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

New York City FC head coach Domenec Torrent expresses his impressed nature with LAFC ahead of the much-anticipated matchup.

It will certainly not be an easy game for New York City FC against LAFC.

After two draws, Domenec Torrent’s team is looking for the first success in the league, but the obstacle that NYCFC will have to overcome will not be easy, as evidenced by the City coach himself

“We need to improve in building up, and we need to improve when we have the ball. We can express our game better when we have the ball and we pass it between us. But our possession must lead to score, our goal is this: we must acquire this mentality to win games.

“I like when we have the control and the possession, but we have to score. The best way for me to play soccer is to pass the ball at the right time and we have to attack.”

Clear ideas surfaced from New York City FC’s head man, but he was also impressed from the first two games played by LAFC.

“I watched their last two games and every game is different for us. LAFC plays for 4-3-3, for example, they press hard and high but their pressure is very different from the one we suffered from D.C.United. Since their 4-3-3 is different, we need to change our tactics a bit. We must play like them, pressing and accumulating. We can’t play like we did against D.C.United.”

Torrent was so impressed with LAFC that he compared New York’s next opponents to FC Barcelona.

“They played the last two MLS games really well. I was impressed by their performance,” Torrent said.

“Their way of playing reminded me of Barcelona. When I was at Barça with Pep Guardiola, we played with the 4-3-3, every player respected their position. The same LAFC. Every player knows very well what to do, they have clear ideas when they play soccer.”

He is not worried, but Torrent does not hide that it will be a tough match against LAFC.

“I really like the way they play, the overlaps they play in 4-3-3. It will not be a simple game for us, we face a team that is in a great moment of form”.

It will not be easy for New York City FC to get the first three points of the season. LAFC arrives at Yankee Stadium with enthusiasm and a great desire to return home with the three points in his pocket.

Domenec Torrent, however, absolutely wants to win and give joy to their fans. Precisely for this reason, the New York coach will change something compared to the games played against Orlando and D.C. United.

NYCFC will return to the tried-and-tested 4-3-3 with the goal of having control of the game. Torrent will line up the team as the opponents will play.

Furthermore, Torrent will ask the team to play with greater dynamism, pressing and possession. Torrent wants to play it; he wants the team to have clear ideas on the pitch.

This week’s goal is to play a sliding brand of football, made of possession and pressing high, but with the aim of scoring. Torrent asks his team for the good way to play, but that this is productive, which leads the team to score goals, perhaps with the strikers who have not yet found the way to goal this season so they can win and get the first three points of the season.