LeBron James, Jarrett Allen
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Jarrett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie have conflicting stories about the infamous block the Brooklyn Nets center had on LeBron James.

Spencer Dinwiddie is trying to put Jarrett Allen in an awkward position. While appearing on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Allen was asked about his stunning block over LeBron James. The Brooklyn Nets center was humble about the aftermath of the play, but Dinwiddie came in singing a different tune.

When asked what his favorite block of the year was, Allen had to say James.

“I mean, I’m going to obviously say LeBron,” Allen responded. “You know he has, what, nine times he’s only been blocked? So I’m going to go with that.”

Allen told the radio hosts that he didn’t say much after his block of LeBron. Dinwiddie (playfully) started telling a different story.

“He’s lying,” Dinwiddie said. “He came into the locker room after the game and was like, ‘I told you LeBron would never dunk on me.'”

It’s safe to say that Dinwiddie is trying to put his teammate in an awkward situation here. Allen is mild-mannered and quiet so this type of trash talk would be out of his comfort zone. But trash talking is right up Dinwiddie’s alley.

It’s highly unlikely that James actually believes Dinwiddie’s tall tale, but this is hysterical nonetheless.

The Nets took down James and the Lakers earlier this season in Brooklyn. The Los Angeles Lakers and James will have one more shot to knock off Allen and the Nets when they play on March 22 in Staples Center.

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