NFL Draft
Bruno Rouby, ESNY Graphic

The New York Jets hold the third overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Mike Maccagnan should seriously consider trading down for a massive haul. 

The New York Jets possess many needs heading into the 2019 NFL Draft. The best possible option is for the organization to turn its cap backward, throw on a pair of shades, kick its feet up, and put the phone on vibrate while letting the offers come flooding in.

As is the case seemingly every draft season, the inflated value of rookie quarterbacks at the top of the draft. No team knows this better then the New York Jets, who traded the sixth overall pick and three second round picks for the chance to draft Sam Darnold with the third overall pick.

If you want a quarterback at top of the draft, a steep price is needed to be paid.

In terms of value, the Jets surrendered 1600 points (third overall pick), 530 points (37th overall, 2018 second rounder), 410 points (49th overall, 2018 second rounder), 560 points (34th overall, 2019 second rounder), which is a grand total of 3100 points in exchange for the third overall pick in 2018, which amounts to 2200 points.

In 2019, the Jets want to get a similar king’s ransom for their third overall draft choice. But who would be willing to move up?

Possible teams interested in engaging the Jets in trade-back scenarios:

  • New York Giants (sixth overall)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (seventh overall)
  • Denver Broncos (10th overall)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (11th overall)
  • Miami Dolphins (13th overall)
  • Washington Redskins (15th overall)
  • New England Patriots (32nd overall)

All of these teams have obvious needs at the quarterback position for the future and would be willing to move up to draft the signal caller of their dreams.

Now, before we evaluate each of these scenarios, we’re going to immediately eliminate the Patriots for obvious reasons. There is no scenario in which the Jets would help deliver New England their quarterback of the future. Although, with the way Tom Brady has been playing, Darnold may retire before he does.

In any deal that is considered, here’s a given: every deal coming back will at least include whatever team’s 2019 first round draft selection. Considering that, the first bullet point under every team will tell you where the negotiations start.

At the very least, the teams will have to equal the overall value of the Jets third overall pick which is (2200 points), according to the Draft Value Chart. But since this is a race for likely the top quarterback available, it’s impossible to quantify the actual value of the pick. Therefore, the Jets could get even more then 2200 points in value back for any deal (similar to what the Indianapolis Colts did last season to the Jets).

In theory, the Jets would like to stay as close to the top of the draft as possible so they can still draft a player that can help right now while simultaneously collecting additional compensation to address a slew of other needs on the roster.

With that out of the way, there are six legitimate options for the Jets to trade back with in round No. 1. But what can they offer from a purely draft compensation standpoint? Let’s evaluate.

New York Giants (sixth overall)

  • Sixth overall pick is worth: 1600 points
  • Other assets they could include (per Tankathon):
    • Second round pick: 37th overall (530 points)
    • 2 fourth-round picks: 102nd overall (their own, 92 points), 126th overall (New Orleans Saints by way of Eli Apple trade, 46 points)
    • 2 fifth-round picks: 132nd overall (40 points) and 133rd overall (39.5 points) (their own + the 5th round pick from the Detroit Lions (originally San Francisco 49ers) by way of the Damon Harrison trade)
    • Sixth-round pick: 167th overall (24.6 points)
    • 2 Seventh-round picks: 198th overall (their own, 12.2 points) and 210th overall (Minnesota Vikings by way of Brett Jones trade, 7.4 points)

Jacksonville Jaguars (seventh overall)

  • Seventh overall pick is worth: 1500 points
  • Other assets they could include (per Tankathon):
    • Second round: 38th overall (520 points)
    • 2 third-round picks: 69th overall (their own, 245 points) and 95th overall (LA Rams by way of the Dante Fowler Jr. trade, 120 points)
    • Fourth-round pick: 103rd overall (88 points)
    • Sixth-round pick: 165th overall (25.4 points)
    • Seventh-round pick: 199th overall (11.8 points)

Denver Broncos (10th overall)

  • 10th overall pick is worth: 1300 points
  • Other assets they could include (per Tankathon):
    • Second round: 41st overall (490 points)
    • Third round: 72nd overall (230 points)
    • 2 fourth-round picks: 107th overall (their own, 80 points) and 119th overall (Houston Texans by way of the Demaryius Thomas trade, 56 points)
    • 2 fifth-round picks: 138th overall (their own, 37 points) and 146th overall (Minnesota Vikings by way of the Trevor Siemian trade, 33 points)
    • Sixth-round: 169th overall (23.8 points)
    • 2 seventh-round picks: 215th overall (Houston Texans by way of the aforementioned Thomas trade, swapped seventh round picks, 5.4 points), and 223rd overall (LA Rams by way of the Alec Ogletree trade, 2.3 points)

Cincinnati Bengals (11th overall)

  • 11th overall pick is worth: 1250 points
  • Other assets they could include (per Tankathon):
    • Second round: 42nd overall (480 points)
    • Third round: 73rd overall (225 points)
    • Fourth-round picks: 104th overall (86 points)
    • Fifth-round picks: 139th overall (36.5 points)
    • 2 sixth-round picks: 170th overall (their own, 23.4 points) and 186th overall (Dallas Cowboys by way of the Bene Benwikere trade, 17 points)
    • Seventh-round pick: 201st overall (11 points)

Miami Dolphins (13th overall)

  • 13th overall pick is worth: 1150 points
  • Other assets they could include (per Tankathon):
    • Second round: 48th overall (420 points)
    • Third round: 79th overall (195 points)
    • Fourth round: 110th overall (74 points)
    • Fifth round: 141st overall (35.5 points)
    • Sixth round: 176th overall (21 points)
    • Seventh round: 207th overall (8.6 points)

Washington Redskins (15th overall)

  • 15th overall pick is worth: 1050 points
  • Other assets they could include (per Tankathon):
    • Second round: 46th overall (440 points)
    • Third round: 77th overall (205 points)
    • Fifth round: 143rd overall (34.5 points)
    • Seventh round: 205th overall (9.4 points)
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