New York Jets Sam Darnold
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The New York Jets are relying on Adam Gase and Gregg Williams to reinvigorate the franchise. Sam Darnold believes they’ll do just that.

There’s newfound optimism surrounding the New York Jets heading into 2019. Sam Darnold appears to be the franchise quarterback fans have been dying for. New head coach Adam Gase is a gifted offensive mind who could be exactly what the young quarterback needs. And Gregg Williams should bring a bulldog mentality to the defense.

Although Gase wasn’t everyone’s favorite choice for head coach, he has the backing of his young quarterback. Darnold believes Gase and Williams are going to energize the team.

“I just knew that with [Gase] coming in and also Gregg Williams on the defensive side, the combination of those two guys, they’re going to create so much energy in the building,” Darnold told Jacob Feldman of Sports Illustrated. “I think that’s going to be very contagious for our team. And I knew that right when we hired him it’d be the right fit, and I think that’s the biggest thing, when talking about hiring coaches, is are they going to fit in well with the guys.”

Darnold’s words should bring some life to the fanbase that may not be completely sold on Gase yet. The skepticism is fair considering his tenure with the Miami Dolphins. That being said, if he and Darnold can jell, the fans will forget all about Gase’s shortcomings.

The energetic styles of Gase and Williams should be a welcome change from the stoic—or boring depending on who you ask—Todd Bowles.

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