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With the New York Rangers selling once again, it’s time to rank the players who are most likely to finish the season somewhere else.

Billy McInerney

The New York Rangers are still in the early stages of their rebuild and they will be, no doubt, selling at the approaching trade deadline. The team is comprised of a lot of veteran players, some of the younger variety, but veterans all the same.

While the team has several exciting prospects playing in Europe, college, the CHL, and the AHL, they will be looking to acquire more pieces at the deadline. So, without further ado, let’s look at the players most likely to finish with another team.

Honorable Mentions

Henrik Lundqvist:

Henrik Lundqvist has been the face of the team since he broke into the NHL in 2005. While the 36-year old would bring back a good amount of assets in a trade, there is no way that any team would force out a player who has meant as much to a team as he has.

Additionally, he has a no-movement clause (NMC) and has given no indication that he wants to leave. When the team made the decision to rebuild, they gave Lundqvist the option to either stay with the only team he’s played for or get sent to a contender.

He chose to stick with the Rangers through the rebuild, and try to serve as a mentor to the young players coming through the system. And he can still make insane saves.

Marc Staal and Brendan Smith: The team would no doubt like to move both of these players and get something for them, but their contracts make them virtually untradeable. Both are signed for two more seasons after this at high cap hits ($5.7M and $4.35M respectively).

Staal also has an NMC, while Smith has a modified no-trade clause (NTC). Staal is a buyout candidate despite making ESNY’s Frank Curto’s top 15 defensemen since 1972 list. Smith could also be bought out if the team is open to carrying two bought-out contracts against the cap.

7: Ryan Strome

Ryan Strome is in an unusual position, as he’s a former top-five pick who has a 50 point season under his belt in 2014-15. However, he never found that form again and has yet to top 35 points in a season.

The team acquired him for another struggling forward in Ryan Spooner. The Rangers would be open to moving him, but it’s hard to see any value for the player with seven goals and 13 points in 13 points in 47 games. If he turns it around he could be traded next season as a rental but is unlikely to move this season.

6: Chris Kreider

The Rangers must make a decision on Chris Kreider soon. He’s signed through next season, and if they are going to trade him this is the time where he is the most valuable. However, he seems to have finally found his stride, recording 22 goals thus far.

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