(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

New York Giants Nate Solder has been given the dishonor of being among the worst NFL free agent signings of 2018.

On Tuesday morning, Dan Graziano of ESPN released his list of the best/worst NFL free agent signings of 2018. Among the worst is Giants left tackle Nate Solder.

Big Blue signed Solder last season to a four-year $62 million deal. That’s right, $62 million, making Solder the highest-paid offensive tackle in NFL history. The same guy who has never been selected as an All-Pro nor made a single Pro Bowl in his career.

“Sick of disappointing 2015 first-round pick Ereck Flowers, who never developed into the franchise left tackle the Giants expected him to be when they picked him No. 9 overall, the Giants won a bidding war for the 30-year-old Solder,” Graziano wrote. “It cost them a $62 million contract with $34.8 million in full guarantees. At the time, it made Solder the highest-paid tackle in NFL history. Only nine NFL teams allowed more sacks than the Giants did in 2018.”

Graziano is right about this, the Giants offensive line did allow 47 sacks this past season. It tied the Tennessee Titans offensive line for 23rd-most in the NFL and was also the most amount of sacks Giants quarterback Eli Manning has had to take in a single season throughout his entire 15-year career.

Solder also was part of the offensive line that finished 21st in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus and was the basis for the unsuccessful Giants offense of 2018.

He did play every single snap this past year, which is definitely a plus. However, he did allow seven sacks and 33 pressures on the quarterback. Not ideal for someone who’s the highest-paid of all time at his position.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.