New York Jets and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Namath, catches up with ESNY’s Mike Vivalo to discuss Gang Green and Alabama’s National Championship chances.

Joe Namath is as big a football legend can get in New York. ESNY’s Mike Vivalo was lucky to get some time with the ex-New York Jets quarterback when he was recently honored for his work with the March of Dimes.

Namath recounted his childhood experiences raising money for the organization and how they still do tremendous work.

As usual, Vivalo kept it light with a fun conversation that included the age-old question: Can the best college football team compete with a pro team?

Even though Namath attended Alabama and even dropped a “Roll Tide” during the interview, he firmly believes that no college team can compete with a pro team.

Vivalo also asked if Joe could come back and play for one team, either Bama or the Jets, which would he pick? He chose the Jets and explained that with great franchises, everything starts at the top.

Now that’s a true New York Jets legend right there.