Manny Machado New York Yankees
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A baseball writer in Baltimore claims to have inside information pointing to Manny Machado signing with the New York Yankees.

Aaron Case

A couple days ago, Bryce Harper’s MLB doppelganger told a waiter he was signing with the New York Yankees. Now an Internet Baseball Writers Association of America writer named Dan Clark says Manny Machado to the Bronx is a sure thing.

What’s real? We’ll have to wait until January, which is when Machado’s decision is expected, to find out.

Until then, if you’re one of the Yankees fans who wants Machado in New York, you can take heart in Clark’s unconfirmed report from an anonymous source:

One inquisitive Twitter user questioned the origination of this information. Clark replied that his source is a “former teammate/friend of Machado.”

Since Clark is based in Baltimore, according to his website, that friend is or was a member of the Baltimore Orioles, Machado’s former team.

While this news is far from official, it does fit with the rumors surrounding the 26-year-old free agent. The Yankees reportedly are confident that they can land Machado, and he’s indicated that he wants to be in New York.

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Brian Cashman and company’s unwillingness to overspend this offseason has thrown a wrench into the two sides’ mutual attraction, though. If they do end up inking him, either they decided to spend $300 million after all or Machado spurned better offers to join the Yankees’ cast of All-Stars.

Even if Philadelphia or Chicago offers more years, it’s still possible that he picks New York. He could take a shorter contract with the belief that he’ll get another similar one in his early 30s.

Whatever happens, Machado will likely sign a deal that pays him north of $30 million annually. That’s a lot of money for a guy whose dark side includes lazy play, stepping on opponents, and more antics. Here’s a handy compilation of what I’m talking about:

I guess that’s the best that $30 million can get you these days.

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