Manny Machado Bryce Harper
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New York Yankees fans wanted Manny Machado under their Christmas tree. Now, it seems as though both he and Bryce Harper want the Bronx.

Allison Case

Just call us those whiny kids at the toy store.

Can we have him? Please?

If Brian Cashman didn’t have the motivation to sign Manny Machado or Bryce Harper to the New York Yankees, he sure does now.

While Machado has spent the majority of this offseason on a world tour, exploring his best options, it seems that he has a preference. Joel Sherman of the New York Post gives Yankees fans some hope in Cashman opening his checkbook.

While the massive amount of money is for the taking wherever either of them decides to go, maybe it isn’t all about it. What if they would prefer to follow their heart and not necessarily the trail of cash?

“Word is neither player particularly likes Philadelphia and both would have preferred the Yankees, who have shown little interest in Harper,” Sherman reports.

First off, who would like Philadelphia? Second, it’s truly a shame that the Yankees didn’t make more of a move to try and snag Harper, especially if he has a desire to play in the Bronx.

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Harper would be a nice fit into the lineup as a lefty, especially with the short porch in right field. While Machado has a great bat, he would be just another right-handed batter to add to the list.

But it also seems that Philadelphia didn’t do much to impress Machado during his four-hour visit with the Phillies besides wave a ton of money in his face. So what does he really want: the money or the Bronx?

No doubt the Yankees gave him a pretty hefty offer, seeing as how they have some money to spare this offseason. But since the Phillies are willing to spend “stupid money” on free agents, they likely would pay top dollar to get him to sign.

If there was ever a time for Cashman to open his checkbook, it would be right now. Pay them what they want because they both want to come to the Bronx.

After all, the heart wants what it wants. And it sounds like Machado really would like to be in pinstripes.

So, pay the man!

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