Trevor Williams
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

When it’s the slowest week of the MLB offseason and a guy who kind of looks like Bryce Harper says he’s signing with the Yankees, it’s big news.

Aaron Case

If you’re excited at the thought of the New York Yankees signing Bryce Harper, you should probably at least know what the dude looks like.

The New York Post’s Joel Sherman calls Harper “the one player who could walk down a street and be recognized even by the casual fan.”

That statement is now demonstrably false.

One waiter from the Bronx mistook Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams for Harper, apparently because they both have bushy beards. That mistake opened the unnamed server up for a nefarious prank by Williams.

Instead of correcting the guy, Williams told him that he—fake Bryce Harper—would be joining the Bombers:

There’s no word on what the waiter did with this insider information or whether he’s discovered yet that it’s false. For all we know, there’s a guy out there betting his life’s savings on the Yankees signing Harper.

That’s on you, Trevor Williams. You and your bushy beard.

But hey, I can’t really blame Williams. Who wouldn’t want to experience life as the most famous player in the game right now? I’m seriously considering adding a few inches to my own beard to see if I can trick someone.

The truth is that the Yankees have essentially shown zero interest in Harper and his quest for $300 million. They seem to be leaning more toward signing Manny Machado.

However, if Machado chooses the Phillies or White Sox over the Yankees, Harper could be a fallback option.

So, if you know that guy who thinks Bryce Harper let him in on a special secret, don’t tell him otherwise. No need to rain on his parade while there’s still a chance Harper to the Yankees turns out to be reality.

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