The New York Jets are alive? Apparently so, as Trumaine Johnson picks off Marcus Mariota and takes it in for a score.

New York Jets fans are battered, bruised, and downright beaten down after how this season has transpired. But Trumaine Johnson provided fans with some much-needed relief in the first quarter of the Jets’ tussle with Tennessee.

Usually, takeaways are a foreign entity to Todd Bowles’ defense. Defensive touchdowns for Gang Green are like hearing Mike Francesa admit he was wrong—it just doesn’t happen. But Johnson bucked the trend and snagged an errant pass from Marcus Mariota from the air and coasted into the end zone.

Johnson signed a lucrative contract in the offseason, but his first year in green has left much to be desired. Only his second interception of the season, the high-priced cornerback has underperformed for much of the season.

It will go unnoticed, but kudos to Jamal Adams for keeping his cool after receiving a Mariota shove to the back. Adams is a highly emotional player so it’s reassuring to see him keep his emotions in check. If he learns to harness that fire when he needs it, but keep his cool when the situation warrants, that’s a huge step forward for the young safety.

The season is more or less over. Bowles is probably gone at the end of the season, the roster will see significant turnover, and this season will soon be a long forgotten memory. But until then, it’s nice to see the Jets show some life on the road.

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