Brooklyn Nets Utah Jazz
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The Brooklyn Nets were once again victims of the moment, squandering a big fourth quarter lead to the Utah Jazz.

Mo’ games, mo’ (fourth-quarter) problems. That’s been the motto for the Brooklyn Nets as of late.

As someone who attended tonight’s game, this one was truly abysmal to sit through.

The game started painstakingly slow, as the score at the end of the first quarter was 17-16. (For the record, this is a 68-64 full-game pace.)

The game didn’t pick up much through three quarters. The only notable moment was Ed Davis’ huge block on Royce O’Neale, which holy cow:

Talk about “block of the year” material.

Outside of Davis’ spine-tingling block, the rest of the team’s performance was pretty inconsequential. Spencer Dinwiddie began to heat up late in the third quarter, scoring 14 points in just over two minutes of play. Absolute Madness. Dinwiddie’s storm of scoring gave the Nets a comfy eight-point lead going into the fourth.

So about that fourth quarter? For the sake of the Nets … the less said, the better.

The fourth-quarter proved to once again be the nemesis of this young Brooklyn team. The Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell began to (finally) catch fire late in the game, scoring with a variety of athletic finishes and creative floaters around the rim. Mitchell scored 13 of his total 29 points in the last five minutes of play.

On the other side of the court, the Brooklyn Nets looked truly inept. In the crunch, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson dropped the ball out of bounds off his leg, Spencer Dinwiddie shot a fadeaway contested three-pointer with over ten seconds remaining in the shot-clock, and Jared Dudley threw an inbounds pass into the crowd on the other side of the court with one minute remaining in the game.

The Nets abysmal playcalling down stretch continued to plague them, as for some reason, Hollis-Jefferson ended up with the ball while spotting up in the corner with two minutes remaining. Hollis-Jefferson, who is 1-for-5 from the right corner this season, unsurprisingly missed, and the Nets came up empty while down by four points.

The Nets are now 8-14 on the season.

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