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Syracuse basketball makes embarrassing gaffe on player’s jersey

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing about the Syracuse Orange basketball game tonight isn’t the fact that they’re losing to unranked UConn Huskies.

Allison Case

Like I was taught as a child, grammar is incredibly important. If you don’t spell your words right, you look like an absolute moron.

Well, someone at Syracuse University needed to double and maybe triple-check their work before sending the boys in Orange off to their matchup against the UConn Huskies at Madison Square Garden.

On the back of Buddy Boeheim’s no. 35 jersey on Thursday night, his last name is proudly displayed…spelled wrong.

I mean, Boeheim is a difficult name, sure. But it’s also a name that has become a staple in the city of Syracuse and all around college basketball. You know, Jim Boeheim? The one who played at Syracuse University and has been the mastermind behind the program since he took over the head coaching position in 1976?

Oh, right, that guy.

So there’s that. The coach’s own son doesn’t even have his own last name spelled right on his Orange uniform. It may just be a simple “E” missing from the name but it boggles the mind as to why that happened.

I mean, on a team that consists of players like Marek Dolezaj and Paschal Chukwu, the name you spell wrong is that of the coach’s son? And the most prominent name in Syracuse history?

Someone has to be embarrassed for their faux pas but for the time being, we can just sit back and laugh. Of course, it would happen to Buddy Boeheim of all people.

The only thing we can really hope is that this is some sort of freshman hazing and joke. At this point, it just has to be…right?

And now, during the second half, they are losing to UConn. If they don’t pick it up, they’ll not only be missing the “E” but adding an “L” to their name.

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